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Our Services

Business Loan

Expand your business?
We provide business loan to encourage your expansion, keep the remaining as buffer capital.

Cheque Cashing

Urgent need for cash?
Exchange your post-due cheque for immediate cash in-hand.

SME Loan

Increase your business capability?
You need our SME loan to enhance your capital power for competitive advantage.

Working Capital Loan

Insufficient capital for business expenses? We do have working capital loan to solve your problem. Especially for employee's salary.

Personal Loan

Subscribe for personal loan and get within 24 hours to solve your own financial problem.

Refinance Loan

Refinancing loan is for borrowers who have their own properties. The loan amount is based on cash surplus from the market value of real estate...

About Us

As a licensed money lender, we have more than 10 years of experience in Malaysia. We provide services such as helping companies to solve their short-term financial distress. For instance, business loans, SME loansbusiness loansworking capital loan, short term loan and business financing. Or individual working for others, needing urgent cash for personal use.

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    Loan Features

    We offer flexible loan terms up to 60 months. This helps maximize your flexibility in managing your finances.

    Low & Reasonable Interest Rates (2%-12% APR)
    Minimum and Maximum Loan Repayment (6 months – 60 months)

    Example: For a loan of RM5,000, Interest at 10% p.a. for 6 months. The total interest is RM250, Total amount payable is RM5250. The estimated monthly payment is RM875.

    No other associated charges for this loan application.

    Contact Us

    Company: Cash Loan Johor

    Tel: +6011-5622 2700


    Address: Suite 8-1, Level 8, Menara Pelangi, Jalan Kuning, Taman Pelangi, 80400, Johor Bharu.

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